GUEST SPEAKER: DANIEL DiLallo (Game Designer/VR Expert)

Location: Fernandina Beach Library, 25 N 4th St.

8 Short Films (Parental Guidance is Advised)


Misfits (4mins) 

This immersive observational documentary takes the viewer behind the scenes of the most unusual model agency in the world, challenging the concept of beauty and what it takes to be a 'model'.


Micro Giants (6mins) 

Microgiants tells the story of insects and plants in microecosystem with vivid detail and elaborate design. 360 animation brings the secret world in forests and under grass back to life. The world is magnified by hundreds to thousands of time and presented to audience through VR. Insects, leaves and drops, in meticulous details, paint a spectacular picture.

Ninja 360 Attack (4mins) 

In this shortfilm an angry stranger summons a dozen ninjas who proceeds to attack the protagonist, however a mysterious samurai decides to get involved.

I'll Make You Bleed  (5mins) 

Standing helpless, only bear witness to a ritualistic virgin sacrifice in the tradition of The Bohemian Grove Society, the viewer is transported into an emotional and visceral experience set to the music of "These Machines Are Winning." This 360 VR video was shot against a beautiful moonlit backdrop using a custom low-light sensitive camera rig making it one of the first high quality nighttime VR pieces to date.

Hurricane Gangster  (7mins) 

The VR Experience 

Songs of the Vine (15mins) 

Shot over the span of two months in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, 'Songs of the Vine' is a virtual reality documentary focusing on the healing modalities, cosmovision, and culture of the Shipibo, an indigenous group well-known for its rich tradition of plant spirit shamanism, including a mastery of the visionary ayahuasca brew. By immersing the viewer in the depths of the Amazon jungle, and exposing them to the medicine songs and perspectives of Shipibo healers, 'Songs of the Vine' illustrates an ancient but increasingly relevant dynamic between humans and nature.