Animation films

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Oh, Brother  (23mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 11am Studio 209

Oh Brother is a psychological thriller that follows two reclusive brothers through their dysfunctional relationship. Their lives are changed forever when they confront an intruder in the night.

Shadows in the Dark (6mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

What happens when a small town theater troupe decides to make their own film? This "Airplane"-esque comedy of errors is the hilarious answer to that question. Even the title is a joke!

Supper (12mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

Powerful mob boss Don Bontate finds out his wife and brother are having an affair, and plants the seeds of justice and vengeance

Karma (4mins)

Friday 11/17 @  9:00pm  History Museum

A boy meets a fish in a mysterious forest.

Adi: At The Confluence (20mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  11:00am Studio 209

Far east in the Himalayan border of India and China, lives the tribal Adi people, by the river Siang. The Adi culture is beautiful and unique with shamanic chants of their mythologies of origin, animistic rituals around nature and amicable resolution of disputes in their traditional courts. 
With the memories of 1962 Indo-China war still fresh, China now reasserts its territorial claim of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, the land of the Adis

Names On The Wall  (25mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

Two soldiers fighting on opposite sides of the Vietnam War find themselves faced with a choice, somewhere between where humanity ends and war begins.

Bigly Yellow (1hr 2mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  5:30pm 
BuyGo Screening Room

A musical prodigy at 15, playing with Australia’s best, jazz trumpeter, trombonist and composer Simon Kent is as talented as he was troubled as he endures a life long battle with mental health issues, determined to make it as a jazz musician.

Occupants (1hr 20mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  8:15pm Studio 209

Occupants' is a film about Annie Curtis, an award-winning documentarian and her husband Neil. Annie and Neil embark on a '30 Days of Clean Living' documentary, setting up cameras all over their house to document, via the Internet, their new eating habits. By doing so, half of their cameras capture a parallel version of themselves - a version that ultimately unravels and threatens their very existence.

In The Closet (10mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

After a one night stand, Kristie Thompson (Lashette Showers) is thrown into her lover's closet only to find his PA Alice Dunbum (Kristina Miller) waiting with a NDA.

I'm in Love with a Dead Girl  (13mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 11am Studio 209

A strange, lonely man is prompted by friends to find a girlfriend. When he sees a news story about a woman involved in a bike accident, he falls instantly in love. There's only one problem - the woman is dead and buried. But that shouldn't get in the way of true love, right?

My Park Found Me (10mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  11:00am Studio 209

“My Park Found Me” is a short documentary featuring 3 park rangers’ work and care for Biscayne National Park, located just south of Miami, Florida. The documentary tells about their experiences becoming park rangers, as well as their personal connections to the park. Shown through intimate memories and a vivid landscape of cinematography, this story captures one of the jewels of the National Park System. “My Park Found Me” will leave audiences interested in exploring national parks in search of their own adventures.

International films

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Welcome To My World  (12mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 

Studio 209

The ideal world of a compulsive alienated young man shatter as a spontaneous woman shakes up his everyday routine. A sparkling adventure between Bob, Alex, and Kiddo.

Ellen Infinity (16mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 11am Studio 209

A hopeless romantic attempts to escape the responsibilities of an unexpected pregnancy with his ex-girlfriend by recreating a perfect version of their past relationship.

The JJ Project (1hr 27mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:30pm 
History Museum

Overcoming brittle bone disease and life in foster care, eleven-year-old JJ House inspires a community and directs his first musical.

O Amelia! (45mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  4:00pm and 5:00pm
Studio 209

“O Amelia!” is a close-up and personal look at the music scene on Amelia Island - leading up to the big community concert held at The Amelia Community Theater last June. Produced and directed by island newcomers Chuck Oliva and Patty Smith, this documentary is filled with familiar places and faces – including Amy and Dillon Basse, flipturn, Tom Leon, Manew Blew, Josh Miller, Triple Shot, Dan Voll and Shel, Les DeMerle and Bonnie Eisele, the Rose Quartet, Mama Blue, and the recently discovered band Alternative Winter. Shot on location at the Alley Cat, Green Turtle, The Sand Bar, and other local venues.

The 10th anniversary of the Rendezvous Film Festival marks the first year that the VR movement is officially welcomed and we have received a whopping 36 film submissions. Not bad for a genre for which is still in its infancy!

On Saturday, Nov 18th, millennials and VR storytellers will be in out in full force at a VR viewing party hosted at Uncle Charlie’s, the brother to the Palace Saloon. We will be demonstrating the future scope of VR and storytelling. There will be VR developers overseeing special VR screening areas. There's a lot of energy around the new industry and this special event gives you the opportunity to see what all the commotion is about! Daniel DiLallo, one of our Board members, is well-known throughout the Virtual and Augmented reality space, and has directed one of this year most anticipated cinematic experiences. Come join us for a glimpse at this exciting new technology and prepare to be amazed.

You can use a film ticket, workshop pass, film pass or VIP pass to enter the VR Experience

IRIS (7mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

Iris, a medical aid robot, struggles to find the humanity in its Alzheimer's patient in order to validate his existence as well as its own.

Bolos (6mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

The youthful folly of wanting to grow up too fast. A girl and her little sister collect items from the once Wild West. 

Notorious Corn (1 mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 7:15pm  Studio 209

It's the story of a small grain of corn that dreamed about glory. 
He's going to succeed ... Unfortunately ...

The Little Gypsy Witch  (1hr 40mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 4:30pm  Studio 209

Aska reluctantly takes on her mother’s customers and begins fortune telling, while unsuccessfully sends applications for any kind of job. Manusha does not like going to school, because the other children refuse to accept her.

Keep Going  (21mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 11am Studio 209

SHAN, who is in 2nd Grade of Junior high school, and JIA, who is in 3rd grade of elementary school. They are brothers who love baseball games. PEI-LIN, SHAN’s crush girl, is going to move away recently. Therefore, before her departure, they made a promise of exchanging their favorite signed baseballs. In the meanwhile, JIA is on a field trip at the Metropolitan Park, but unluckily lost his brother’s QiaQia signed ball.

Teacher of the Year (1hr 30mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  11:30am 
History Museum

What happens when a real teacher tries to become a Hollywood hero? Through a blend of vérité footage, interviews, media clips, and self-reflections, we document Angie Scioli’s struggle to balance her professional, personal, and political life during the tumultuous 2013-2014 school year; additionally, through interviews with media scholars and educational experts, we contextualize Angie's teaching life amidst a complex web of media and sociological forces that impact the personal and professional experiences of all teachers.

VR Experience

Reunion (7mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

After returning from last deployment, Karen comes home and has a struggle with reconnecting with her daughter who lives with her ex-husband and another woman

Black Cat (1hr 25mins)

Thursday 11/16 @ 8:15pm  Studio 209

When a near-decade old murder case involving a movie star threatens to reopen, adult-child Duke Moody decides to make a true crime documentary, financed by his mother.

Last Chance (15mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

When an intellectually challenged man is released from prison after 15 years, he must choose between his old life and moving on. Though his inner demons won't go quietly.

Shades of Scarlet (14mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

Shades of Scarlet is a powerful story about the paths people choose and how events can turn in a moments notice. The film follows a convicted rapist just released on a technicality. Frustrated with the public reaction to his release, he tries to take a momentary refuge in a dive bar. This becomes difficult when a ball busting nurse hits on him.

Jerry Smith, Award Winning Producer

Workshop: “The Episodic World from Idea to Airing”

Believe it or not there is a huge difference between filming for TV and filming for theatrical release. While some components are the same like you still need a camera, crew, talent and a story, the how you get there, the how you tell that story and the end game aren’t necessarily the same. From conception to airing, Jerry Smith takes you into the episodic world, using his lifetime of experience and references from his new book. This is a great workshop for filmmakers and screenwriters wanting to dive into the world of TV.

JERRY SMITH is the founder and CEO of PineRidge Film & Television, Inc. Smith is an internationally recognized writer, producer, and director of lifestyle television programs, TV commercials, corporate image campaigns and online content. PineRidge’s program development division, has taken home six National Daytime Emmy Awards and eleven Emmy nominations in the past nine years. Mr. Smith was honored in 2012 as a Film Florida Legend by the Film Florida state film commissioners and, recently, by the City of Jacksonville as the 2016 recipient of the Film and Television Industry Achievement Award.Tosha Hawkins, Production Accountant

Workshop:  “Production Budgets & Payroll”

Tosha Hawkins, Production Accountant

Workshop: “Production Budgets & Payroll” 

This workshop will discuss the possibilities of payroll accountants for films, the differences between a feature film and episodic, explain the importance of a budget and what it details, breakdown timecards, the day to day process of payroll and discuss the various payroll services. All of which are invaluable when you’re looking at union projects and projects with bigger budgets.

Tosha Hawkins has been in the film industry for 15 years. After temporarily retiring in 2005, she still works freelance when she can, as well as do consulting. Ms. Hawkins has worked as a Payroll Accountant on both episodic film such as Spin City, Rescue Me, Law and Order, Sex in the City, and the Sopranos. She has also done feature films such as Boiler Room, Stuart Little Two, and Day After Tomorrow, just to name a few.

John Boles, Screenwriter

Workshop: “Script Coverage What It Is and Why Do you Need it?”

Many writers and filmmakers hear the words “Script Coverage” and don’t really know what those words entail, what they should expect when they get coverage or how coverage could make or break your project. Professional coverage can be an extremely valuable tool for screenwriters, agents, studio executives, producers, and directors alike. First, having an independent reader assess the strengths, weaknesses, and marketability of a screenplay can help the writer pinpoint areas of the script that need work. That could be story structure, plot development, subplots, characterization, dialogue, and more. This offers a writer the opportunity to make improvements prior to marketing the script. Second, producers and directors are often pitched many projects, and reading dozens of scripts is enormously time consuming. Coverage reports save filmmakers a lot of time in deciding which scripts to consider and which to pass on. Third, screenwriters can use positive coverage reports as marketing tools when trying to convince agents and producers to read an entire script instead of just a logline, synopsis, or treatment. This workshop will also include an in-depth discussion of the most common mistakes make by screenwriters as well as how to avoid some of those pitfalls in your own work. A great workshop for screenwriters and filmmakers.

John Boles is a multiple-award- winning writer and TV & film professional with more than thirty years of experience. He has shared his expertise by teaching screenwriting, film, TV production, and creative writing courses at Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida, and for Duval County Public Schools. In addition to teaching part-time at UNF, he currently works as a freelance editor, writing coach, script doctor, and provides script coverage for screenwriters, analyzing their work and assessing its potential for production. John leads creative writing critique workshops and has mentored many screenwriters, novelists, and nonfiction authors. Dozens of the pieces fine-tuned in John’s workshops have won competitions, been published, or produced for the screen. He has also been a judge for screenwriting and creative writing competitions.

Joseph Selden, Certified Stunt Coordinator

Workshop:  “Set Safety & Stunt Coordination”

What filmmaker doesn’t want to showcase a great action sequence or even have a simple stunt or two in their film? And what actor doesn’t want to add to their resume that they can do some stunts? But more and more we hear about even the smallest of stunts going terribly wrong even with trained professionals. Come get tips from a certified stunt coordinator on set safety and how you can make stunts work for your film and talent.

Joseph Selden started martial arts when he was 11 years old and started live stunt work when he was 13.  Later he moved on to acting and with his previous stunt experience he naturally started doing stunt work on film.  He earned his Stunt and Stunt instruction certification from Joe Hess and Michael DePasquale Jr from Action Film Academy in 2011.

Shane Douberly & Bill Waller, Animators & Co-Owners of Dripsblack Animation Workshop: “Mapping, Making, Moving and Merging”

North Florida animation studio Dripsblack explores their process from concept to execution. Join directors Shane Douberly and Bill Waller as they discuss their creative process.

Dripsblack was founded in 2007 by Shane Douberly and Bill Waller. Since its inception, Dripsblack has formed creative partnerships to build engaging works in motion. From the outset our goal has always been to build stories and develop imagery that will carry our client’s message in the best way possible while retaining the mark that makes it uniquely ours. We are, at the core, directors who thrive on collaborative thinking and want nothing more than to give your ideas a place to expand to their fullest potential. We are creative studio, and we work in the medium of motion. So you bring your ideas and we’ll bring ours. Let’s make it awesome!

Billy Hume, Grammy Nominated Music Producer

Workshop:  “Helping Film Makers Work with Composers, Mixers and Sound Designers”

Have you ever seen a movie without even a little bit of music? What would that fright scene be like without the music leading up to it helping us feel the fear or the love scene making us feel all warm and fuzzy? Music adds so much to a film - it can make it or break it. Half of a viewers’ sensual experience when watching a film is the sound and music, but often audio gets pushed to the end of the line. Don’t miss this important workshop in which Billy Hume will be discussing the relationship between film directors and producers on the audio side of making films. Individual topics will cover:  - How composers operate - their work flow, process and time frame. - The best way to work and communicate with composers and how to get the most out of them. - Common gripes and complaints that composers have but might not tell you. - Sound on set - be prepared. Don’t let bad audio ruin your story. This is a great workshop for directors, producers and musicians.

Billy Hume is a Grammy nominated music producer, mixer and composer with over 30 years of experience who has worked in the film industry as a composer, sound designer, mixer and director. He’s charted on Billboard across a wide range of genres including Rock, Rap, Pop, Country, Americana and Bluegrass. He’s also the owner of the legendary recording studio The Zone which was run out of the basement of his house and was the birthplace of what is now considered the “Atlanta Sound” of urban music- now copied by EDM, Trap and Pop genre’s.


The Red Grifo (20mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

The Red Grifo recounts a family’s multigenerational influence of a rare Italian automobile that bore the signatures of automotive icons like Bizzarini and Giugiaro. Learn the unique history of a small, family-based, car company in Bresso that welded high Italian design together with American muscle to form one of the most desirable gran touring cars of all time.

Title VII (1hr 12mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  9:00pm BuyGo Screening Room

She’s powerful, Black and female. But at her firm, Blacks need not apply.

The CEO of Sanger International, an IT consulting firm, is powerful and successful Hillary Kelsey. Kelsey is a Black woman with no Black employees and no one can figure out why—until Darryl Montgomery, her 9:30am interview, enters the firm. On this day filled with an unbelievably awful morning that reminds Hillary of her “place” in a racially charged society, a pending account that could make or break the future of a company and a mystery man determined to turn Hillary’s world upside down, the events of the film TITLE VII illustrate why same-race discrimination can not only ruin a company, but possibly destroy lives.

What the hell! (4mins)

Thursday 11/16 @ 8:15pm Studio 209

A man and a woman, in the middle of the desert, disagree about what cinema is. Then they start to imagine and to tell a story...

I See Something (17mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

After realizing they are all alone at home, a brother and sister try to determine if there is something outside the windows watching them. As the night proceeds, they find that fear is enhanced by the imagination.

u.s Feature films

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documentary films

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Exonerated (19mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

An exonerated man struggles between reconciling his relationship with his estranged sister and seeking revenge against the man who set him up.


The Maestro, in search of the last music  (1hr 14mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 5:30pm History Museum

For more than 30 years, one man has single-handedly taken on a unique challenge: tracking down, archiving and performing all the pieces of music written and composed in the camps of the Second World War. The gripping quest has been turned into a film about history, like a journey through time to overcome oblivion, to preserve the memory of these women and men, of all nationalities and all confessions, who turned music into an act of resistance

Won't Somebody Think of the Children?! (14mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm  Studio 209

Amanda and Catherine, both in third grade, are writing a comic book together about feminist superheroine Sergeant Laser. They are hurrying to finish as their deadline approaches, and their "publisher," their classmate Andy, refuses to give them another extension. When Amanda strikes up a romance with the boy who steals her pudding at lunch, it gets in the way of their work (and their friendship), and she struggles to balance work and love. Can the modern working woman really have it all?

Once upon a dream  (13mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 11am Studio 209

When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Litteraly, the girl of his dreams ! So he sets out to live it fully. Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn...

Gospel Radion Man (26mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  11:00am Studio 209

Ninety -two year old Larkins is the oldest living active African American DJ announcer in the USA, and still going strong. For forty-five years Bro Fred Larkins Slow Train Radio Gospel Musical Review has made an indelible impact on the Black community in the Greater Phoenix Area, Los Angeles, and in the state of Arizona. His radio gospel music review show has provided inspiration during difficult times; as well as a format for African American business owners to advertise, network and inform the community about current political and social events.

Waiting for B (1hr 11mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 11:30am History Museum

Waiting for B. is about the outer-reaches of fandom, where a group of kids camped out for two months to be closer to an international star. This story is about victims of hype, a community of hope, and the contradictions of humility and vanity at the heart of diva worship. 
This observational documentary takes the viewer on a two-month long journey with young Beyoncé super-fans who, lacking the money to buy their way to the front, camped out for two months in order to be closer to the front of the standing room

Adija (4mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  8:15pm 
Studio 209

A young girl in the Bronx finds escape from an unhappy family life through her graffiti art.

Monty Comes Back (1hr 25mins)

Friday 11/17 @  9:00pm 
History Museum

After fighting with his boss and losing his job, Monty, a semi-successful thespian, flees back home to live with his parents under false pretenses. His old friends and family are left to deal with his inflated ego, while he comes to terms with the fact he isn't as 'great' as he may believe.

u.s Short films

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Todd Roobin, Jacksonville Film Commissioner

Workshop:  Behind the scenes of Film Commissions...making the impossible possible.

Todd Roobin, Film Commissioner with the Jacksonville Film & Television Office will share what Film Commissions do; how they assist productions with small to large budgets; recruit business; advocate for the industry; create local and state legislation; liaison between the government, the local community and the production company; and make the impossible possible.

Todd Roobin joined the City of Jacksonville’s Film & Television Office in March of 1986 and is currently the Film Commissioner. Todd has considerable experience in the public and private sectors and strives to have a significant impact on Jacksonville’s economy by actively marketing and attracting new film, television and commercial business, assisting local and visiting productions with facilitating permits, engaging the local workforce and vendor resources, and providing preliminary location scouting. Todd actively markets Jacksonville globally to the film, television and digital media industry and is the City liaison between the private sector and the production company for those creating television productions, motion pictures, national/regional commercials, music videos, corporate industrials and photography projects. 

Since 2005, under Todd’s management, the Film & Television Office permitted and assisted over 1,200 productions that generated more than $37 million in local economic impact, creating more than 11,335 local jobs and utilizing over 10,500 hotel room nights. Todd’s efforts have resulted in attracting major motion pictures such as: BASIC ($7.1M) starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson; G.I. Jane ($8.3 million impact) starring Demi Moore and Viggo Mortenson; Tigerland ($3.2M) starring Colin Farrell; Devil’s Advocate ($1.1M) with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron; Sunshine State ($3.5M) starring Angela Bassett and Timothy Hutton; and RECOUNT ($3.5M) starring Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Denis Leary and Tom Wilkinson; The Year of Getting to Know Us, starring Sharon Stone, Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu; Lonely Hearts ($1.8M) starring John Travolta, James Gandolfini, and Salma Hayek and The Manchurian Candidate ($1.2M) starring Denzel Washington. Other productions include: Spelling Television Safe Harbor ($2.2M); Warner Bros. Pointman ($4M); numerous independent films, network television movies; and national and international television commercials.

Linda Isrel, Business Rep for Miami SAG AFTRA

Workshop: (Live Video Conference) “How filmmakers can work with SAG / AFTRA talent” 

Linda will be going over procedures, forms, policies and all the ins and outs of how filmmakers from every budget, including the low to no budget can still work with SAG / AFTRA talent to bring that extra level of quality and professionalism to their projects. This workshop will also help the actor in understanding how SAG / AFTRA works and what to expect when you’re part of the union and on a film set. SAG / AFTRA is there for the talent and for the filmmaker.

Linda Isrel began her career with SAG_AFTRA in Miami in 2001. In 2008 she was promoted to Associate Business Representative and then to Business Representative in 2015. As a Business Representative, she is responsible for signing and monitoring productions and assisting productions with contractual inquiries. Miami staff provides contractual support to six SAG_AFTRA locals in the Southern U.S., representing 12 states and Puerto Rico. A Miami, FL native, Linda is a graduate of Barry University who enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren and landscaping. 

Dwight Cenac, Producer / Founder Indyoh

Workshop: Selling Your Film in a Self-Distribution World

Technology continues to disrupt the film industry, but no part of it has taken a hit quite as large as distribution. As colossal platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon evolve further into the independent space, threatening the monarchy of the Hollywood model, self-distribution is becoming a more dominant strategy on an ever-leveling playing field. But are these VOD giants truly the answer for struggling filmmakers eager to get their film into the public spotlight or are they just another way to get ripped off? Film producer and Indyoh Executive, Dwight Cenac sheds light on the universe of online VOD and pitfalls to avoid as well 5 keys to effectively sell your film in a self-distribution world.

Dwight has worked in the Film and Television industry since 2000. In 2006, Dwight opened the doors to a fullservice sound stage and production studio to help local filmmakers, musicians and artists. Dwight has produced numerous feature films and television pilots, acquiring both international and domestic distribution.  In 2007, Dwight founded Indyoh Inc (, the first online Film Market and Distribution platform, servicing filmmakers, sales agents, distributors and film festivals around the world.  

Carolyn Herman, Attorney at Law, PLLC, Jacksonville

Workshop: Nothing in Writing? Think You Own Your Film? Think Again!

This session will focus on the written contracts needed to acquire exclusive ownership of your film and the right to use third party content in it, e.g., option agreements, purchase and sale agreements, licenses, assignments and work for-hire agreements. Note to audience – there will be a quiz!!!

Carolyn Herman is the sole member of the Jacksonville Beach law firm, Carolyn Herman, PLLC, Jacksonville Beach, FL where she has practiced for almost twenty-five years exclusively in the areas of entertainment, intellectual property, and small business law. Her clients include film producers, actors, screenwriters, crew, musicians, songwriters, record labels, music publishers, authors, illustrators, and visual artists. She is currently a member of the Mayor’s Film Advisory Board (City of Jacksonville), the American Bar Association’s Entertainment and Sports Law Forum, the Florida Bar’s Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section (EASL), Film Florida, Women in Film and Television (Jacksonville Chapter), Jacksonville Women’s Network (Chair, Legal Section) and the Jacksonville Beaches Bar Association. She is a former Chair of EASL and continued to serve on its Executive Council for over sixteen years. She is also a former member of the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Arts & Sciences (Florida Chapter), President of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (Northeast Chapter), and Chair, Entertainment Law Section, Jacksonville Bar Association.

Mark Ezra Stokes, Screenwriter

Workshop: Living Heroically in Your Ordinary World

This workshop is designed to help you understand the mythic structure that inspires most screenwriters, applying it to your own life & creative pursuits. Whether you're an indie filmmaker trying to launch your opus, or an actor looking to book bigger gigs, this workshop is for you. The Living Heroically method of goal-setting will help you identify the steps in your heroic path that matter most and put in the hard work required to slay your most intimidating dragons

Mark Ezra Stokes is a story consultant and the founder of Holistic Storyteller, a website designed to help creatives to tell dynamic stories with their art and their lives. He's the founder and past president of Savannah Filmmakers, an organization developed to network and enrich the Savannah, GA film community. With an M.A. in Screenwriting & Film Studies and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting, he teaches screenwriting courses for all ages. Mark has done production work for shows like "Toddlers & Tiaras," Tyler Perry's "The Haves and The Have Nots," andThe Peanut Butter Falcon. He's been a stand-in for films including Anchorman 2 and SpongeBob SquarePants 2, and he dabbles in acting when the opportunity presents itself. As a former special educator, he’s passionate about using the language of film to help bridge gaps in communication for nonverbal students.

Adam Schaffer, CEO & Creative Director of 5ivecanons & Dark Horse Labs

Workshop: Marketing Your Film On Social Media

Join our breakout social marketing session presented by Adam Schaffer, Creative Director and President of 5ivecanons – an international award-winning advertising agency focused on consumer engagement and brand storytelling. Review great examples of successful and disastrous online marketing efforts, while learning about the key components of online marketing - paid, earned and owned media. The breakout session will conclude with a dedicated Q&A to supporting your individual needs and focus, so come prepared to discuss your film and goals with the group.

Adam Schaffer | CEO & Creative Director 5ivecanons Adam is an international-award winning Creative Director with over a decade of digital marketing experience. As one of the founders of 5ivecanons and the President of the agency, Adam has helped develop immensely successful brand campaigns for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100s. Adam Schaffer | CEO & Digital Alchemist Dark Horse Labs Adam started 5ivecanons’ sister company, Dark Horse Labs, with the goal to help small businesses improve their online presence at a low cost. Many startups or small businesses can not yet afford agency costs, so with Dark Horse Labs, Adam and his team of developers build template based websites to help improve the digital presence of their clients.  Websites:

Radial (7mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

At the tenth year anniversary of his decision to remain alone on a lifeless Earth, a man begins to see signs of the Earth returning to life and is confronted with memories from his past.

Fanatic Heart The Story So Far of Black 47 (1hr 27mins)

Friday, 11/17 @ 2:30pm History Museum

Passion, poetry, and politics fuel this documentary about Black 47, the fabled House Band of New York City. A brutally honest depiction. Laid bare are the excitement, tedium, musicianship, boozing, triumphs, and disasters of a band that had no shortage of drama, success and debacle.

Last Beat (5mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm Studio 209

A young soldier ventures to redeem a memory of a fallen comrade, in order to complete a music composition. His former trauma questions war and the impact for a purposeful future.

We are very excited to be offering festival goers some amazing workshops with experienced industry professionals for the second year in a row.  Workshops will be held Friday, November 17 & Saturday, November 18th at varous locations around historic downtown Amelia Island.

Hatched (2mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  9:00pm BuyGo Screening Room

Three chipmunks get their acorn stolen by a fox and must retrieve it.

Jello Underground  (10mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  11:00am Studio 209

Jello Underground is a documentary short that introduces viewers to the unique and exciting world of underground jello wrestling. Chronicling a Seattle-based event that was founded in 2009 and continues to thrive with a dedicated fan base. Jello Underground is the only female-produced jello wrestling show in the world. Destroying preconceived notions with an epic and empowering presentation of high-octane athletic combat and stage theatrics. The film features wrestlers of varying backgrounds discussing public perception, how the event has impacted nightlife culture, and what it feels like to be a part of something so extraordinary. With cast interviews, tons of wrestling action, and an intimate look behind-the scenes. This is the first film directed by Gracie Garnet, a rising young talent from the Pacific Northwest.

Us Thereafter (8mins)

Friday 11/17 @ 2:00pm  Studio 209

After the brutal killing of his daughter in 2013, Buck Blodgett shares her story and his subsequent turn to activism to end male-on-female violence.

Circus City, USA (30mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  11:00am Studio 209

Since the early 1940s, more than 20 circus companies have made their home in Hugo, Oklahoma. It's unique history has earned the town the nickname Circus City, USA, and this film spends time with both the eccentric circus characters of the road and the people back in Hugo who keep it all going.

Devil's Luck (7mins)

Saturday 11/18 @  2:00pm 
Studio 209

After murdering a friendly sheriff, the Sinmore Brothers are hunted down by his less friendly wife in a showdown of words and weapons